Jab Cross

The Work Itself

The “Workout Video” assignment requires the creation of a fitness montage. The instructions are vague in order to give the individual free range to make whatever kind of video they desire. I pride myself on my dedication to staying fit through exercise, so this assignment seemed perfect for me. I mostly run and do body weight exercises, however I also do fitness boxing/kickboxing. Out of these 3 options, boxing seemed like the most exciting one to record. I added the video twice, because Vimeo is having some technical difficulties right now.

The Story Behind the Story

Throughout high school, I was very active in the sports community. I was technically a triathlete, if you count indoor and outdoor track as “separate” sports. During Fall, I played volleyball for the school and, starting in December, I would participate on a travel team through May. During Winter and Spring, I was on the track team. I was also manager of the gymnastics team, so I got to do extra stretching and conditioning, but none of the acrobatic stuff. I tried it once when I was younger and it didn’t stick with me, so I tried something new. 


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Every day of the week, I had some sort of practice to attend. Some days, I had two different practices. My body constantly hurt, but I knew I was only getting better and stronger. Ice was my best friend for awhile. 


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Eventually, my body didn’t want to run track anymore, so my senior year I explored new options. Near my local grocery store, there was a boxing gym I always wanted to try. I took a free fitness boxing class and fell in love. Each class starts with cardio, then it transitions to 8, 3 minute rounds on a heavy bag, and finally ends with core. As I got more comfortable at the gym, I began to do 1 on 1 training, where I hit mitts with a trainer. This was by far my favorite part, because I got to focus on my form and strength. In addition, my confidence began to grow. 

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When high school ended, I wondered how I would be able to keep up with my fitness lifestyle. I loved my sports and I wasn’t a huge traditional gym goer. Luckily, I found club volleyball and immediately felt welcomed onto the team. Through volleyball, I met people who introduced me to club basketball. I had very little background with the sport, but I enjoyed shooting baskets, so I was willing to show up and do drills. It was a lot of fun because no one was too serious. In addition, my teammates introduced me to intramural sports. My friend circle kept expanding as I joined more teams. It felt amazing to be part of that friendly team atmosphere again. I was so worried I was past it all after high school sports ended. 

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Despite my new found friends and teammates, I missed boxing. Every time I found myself back in my hometown, I was back at the gym. Nothing makes me sweat more and feel better about myself then wrapping my hands up, putting gloves on, and throwing some punches. 

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My biggest fear coming to college was how to stay active. Not only did I stay active, but my activities lead to lasting friendships. I had formed bonds with people who shared my interests and had mutual friends. I got to find new passions, while maintaining my old ones as well. 

Narrating the Process

As I stated in my previous project, “Beneath Your Beautiful,” I wanted to simplify the video-making process and use only one application. I decided to make this video directly in Vimeo. I selected “start from scratch.”

For style, I selected “none.”

Vimeo imports videos and breaks them into small clips. So, I had to “trim” the clips in order to show what I wanted. I also had to delete a lot of the clips to keep my video at 30 seconds. For the title screen, I used “media scene” to add the boxing gloves picture. Then, I used “layout” to adjust the picture to text ratio. For the credit screen, I used “text scene.”

Finally, I animated the text with “text sticker.”

6 thoughts on “Jab Cross

  1. I loved the video you made! I thought the music fit the visuals perfectly and I really liked how you sped up the video in your intro. One thing that I would suggest would probably put what type of hits(?) you are doing in the video itself. I do not know a lot about boxing/kickboxing so I am not sure if “hit” was the correct word to use.

    1. Thank you! I didn’t mention it in the post, but I used iPhone’s “time-lapse” feature for the sped up video. Yes, I wasn’t sure how much “instruction” I wanted to put. The punches in a general order are (starting with your left hand) jab, cross, left hook, right hook, left uppercut, right uppercut. Once you’re familiar with the names people transition to calling them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

  2. I love how you showed us your boxing skills! This is something I have been wanting to try for a while but it seems expensive to keep up with if you go to classes (at least the ones I’ve looked into). I also like how you laid out the steps and all the graphics you used throughout your explanation!

    1. Thank you so much! Boxing is a lot of fun, but it is expensive. Luckily, I got my family involved so we did a family membership. It also helps to befriend the trainers. I’m glad the instructions were easy to follow. Vimeo is really easy to use, but it’s annoying how videos can only be 30 seconds.

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